Lost / unrecoverable data

Hi Guys,

I had my external hard drive  attached to my laptop and the USB wire came out whilst it was still connected and now all my data on the drive is inaccessible, error message… G:\ is not accessible, The parameter is incorrect.

Also, when I click on the drive it keeps on saying “you need to format the disk in drive G: before you can use it”

I haven’t done this as don’t want to lose all my files but cannot retrieve anything!

Also in the WD Smartware program it doesn’t show the drive at all.

What can I do to retrieve my data? It has got all of my old photos, music etc on it and I must get it back

Hope you can help!!!


You can try data recovery software. Some is free to try and if you can see the data then you buy to recover. Somebody posted this http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk you may be able to fix or retrieve data with it. I’ve never tried it. 

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This has happended to me before, and I just didnt touch it for a while, and it started working again. Maybe this will happen with you. You can try opening the hard drive and pluging it in your computer internally , and see if it is recognized. however that will void the warrenty on your hard drive. Did you try differnt usb ports, and restarting your computer? unplugging and replugging in power cord from unit?

Mine also isn’t working now, again. just so you know, this could be a common occourance

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I had just posted a question similar to yours.  I found your question.  I was trying to remove my memory stick by using the Safely Remove method and clicked on the wrong link, which was my external hard drive.  It said it was ok to remove.  I did not show up in my list and I was just sick.  I unplugged the two back cords that went to the desktop hard drive and now it shows and the files are on it.  PRAISE GOD!