Lost that control panel ip page (whatever its called) when we accessed a wireless printer w ipad

wd my cloud personal cloud 3t

i  lost that control panel page (whatever its called) when used an ipad to connect to a  wireless printer directly

my wife used her ipad to access a hp printer at home/

after that, when i clicked the icon on my desktop that was originally taking me to that IP control panel page (whatever u cal lit) whereas i can assign new users, passwords etc for my wd mycloud drive, that page then displayed info about the printer (it was an HP page about the printer) instead of the my cloud settings/…the printer seemed to take over the ip or something

i had to redownload the wd set up software for wd my cloud personal cloud drive

seems like it had something to do with  IP assigned to mycloud drive getting changed when my wife accessed the printer directly with her ipad?

how can i keep this from happening next time she uses the printer wirelessly w her ipad?

i dont want to lose my wd control panel page. i know its not called a control panel but i can find what its called.

Are they both using DHCP?

Dashboard…if you want to access it when you dont know the ip, you can access via hostname / name of the my cloud.  If you didn’t rename it, the default link to access the dashboard is http://wdmycloud/ui/