Lost sound

bought a wdtv live about 6 months ago and  love it! watched a movie with it on monday night and after that i get no sound, iam running of a wd 1.5 terebyte. i tried different hdmi cables and nothing, the same hdmi i was running my wdtv i plugged into my x-box 360 and theres sound. any help would be great

Welcome to the forums.

If the movie you played was an MKV file then it’s quite possible it was a “bad” one (one made by a version of MKVMerge greater than 4.0).

If that’s the case, reset the unit (enter all your preferences back in) and it should play fine again… just don’t play that particular file (or any other “bad” file).  You can fix the file by running it through MKVMerge 4.0 or earlier.

actually it was iam gonna give it a try, ill post my results


it worked! all is well again! thanks again!