Lost remote

Hi my problem started when wanting to watch movies on an external hard drive on an LG TV … Our remote has gone missing, I found an app for my iphone which I downloaded n this is where the problem lies … It won’t work I’ve looked on here and been told to check my IP address is the same as my phone but I don’t have a remote to do it so thought I’d try n find my WD TVLive Streaming Media Player (purchased July '12) on my laptop HP Vista but can’t find it there either, so PLEASE someone out there in the cyber world help me … Yes I can watch the movies on my PC from the external hard drive but I want to watch them on the big screen with family…

Try connecting a USB keyboard to the player. Are you using the WD remote app.

I have found plenty of replacement remotes on EBay and cheap. I would also recommend using the android apps, if you have a android phone. The WD Remote is good BUT, it loses the IP address all the time and you have to uninstall it then re-install for it to find the player (Make sure you have the WIFI on when you do. The better app is the WDIxTV MediaPlayer remote, This one works every time I use it, no need to re-install it. It’s easier to use if you are trying to type in a search for anything. Hope this helps.

Have you considered purchasing a new remote?