Lost Remote

I’ve lost the remote to my WD TV Live Hub. Is there anyway to control it?

There are smartphone apps available from WD - WD remote.
I believe that if you connect to the hub via the network there is a virtual remote.
You can connect a USB keyboard / mouse to the USB ports and control the hub from them.

kevinturcotte wrote:
I’ve lost the remote to my WD TV Live Hub. Is there anyway to control it?

You can buy a replacement from WD, or check eBay: 


Lots of ideas above to get you up and running, but if you have a lot of equipment (stereo, TV, HUB etc etc) it’s worth looking into a decent remote to handle all of them. Love my logitech. Totaly programable, turns everything on, switches between devices changing multiple devices at once for the proper setup for each one. If you are going to buy a remote, well worth looking into the various Logitech ones that can handle all of your devices.

Of course, the iphone app works pretty well too… :dizzy_face:


Where can you download the iphone app? I have seen it on the website as free. but cannot find the place to download it

i can only find one on the app store but there is a charge

I downloaded  it a long time ago so all I see is the upgrade w/out price, but I am very sure that both the Iphone and Android versions were free. Did you search for “WD Remote”? You should see the free WD version, a pay one from Achemy and the Zappo TV stuff. Nice thing about the Iphone/Android versions is that the are WiFi so you don’t even have to be in the same room as the HUB let alone point at the device. Also has a volume control which the stock remote does not have.

Try searching again using “WD Remote” and let us know what you come up with. BTW, are you on Iphone v4 or v5? Not sure if that would make a difference but I am on a v.4 phone.

Funny, I hadn’t used the one on my Iphone or my Nexus7 Tablet in a long time so after reading this thread I played with each of them. Nice apps, I can see myself using them both a lot more now that I have broken them out again.

Good Luck




The Remote is the only bad thing about this box.

Thank god for my Harmony.

wdtvhub wrote:

The Remote is the only bad thing about this box.


Thank god for my Harmony.

I bought a Harmony 880 in 2006. I wouldn’t be without it. Best Universal remote there is because you can make it do what you want it to do!

Agreed. I have a 515.

I even managed to program it to unlock a secret menu on a new 32" LG TV in the bedroom which had playing movie files locked out. Only let you view photos or listen to music.

Programmed it following a guide and I was good to go :slight_smile:


Another big thumbs up for the Logitech Harmony Series. I have a 700 and didn’t realize what I was missing untill I bought it. Setup can be a bit complicated, but I have it running 5 devices beautifuly, and have it set to automaticaly switch things like my audio settings (Bass /Treble etc) based on device and even based on the channel I am watching.  One of my favorite “gee-whiz” features is that you can actualy add jpegs for TV channels that show up on the remote’s screen. Very cool.  Wouldn’t be without now that I have one, and I’ll credit folks here on the boards for advising me to make the purchase. I’ll pass that along with the above posters and say buy a Harmony, it’ll simplify your life once you get it set up. I have five other remotes in a drawer instead of piled up on my coffee table.