Lost remote access using 12 digit code - How to restore?

I have been using a MyCloud device since February 2014 mainly to allow secure access to files on a project we work on with ~ 15 people globally.
I gave all others access using the activation code, since this links each individual computer to the MyCloud on a one device per code basis. So far this still works fine for those connected (both for PC and MAC).
Recently one project member’s HD crashed and he replaced his PC by a Mac. I issued a new 12 digit code and installed the desktop software to access the shared files, bit upon entering the 12 digit code the message appeared: “The SSL certificate is invalid”.

I spoke to WD support who to told me that the access via access code was no longer supported (no software updates we made for the last four months) and that I would need to use web-access (through email address and password). Apparently on computers with access via the 12 digit code set-up in the past, there is no problem. Is there a way to get around this problem?

Thanks for your help?


No, there isn’t. Have you tried setting up an email address and password for that user, that you can use for others? Cause you should be able to do so.

Yes, I will create an email ID an password for this user.

Thanks for your response.

In the meantime I could no longer log into the dashboard and rebooted the WD MyCloud unit.
Surprisingly, the white dashing LED light went out after a while (no light at all) but the normally bleu light has not come on.
I have access to the unit and entered the new password. I also I have access to the files, so everything appears to work as far as I can see.

Any idea what could cause this bleu light not to come on and how to fix this problem?
I will post this as a new questions as well!


Blue LED seems to be a regular component failure; mine died after a few months operation. Provided your Dashboard reports no problems, the device is operating normally.

I’m assuming you haven’t disabled the front panel LED in the Dashboard UI.

Thanks @cpt_paranoia for responding.

Thanks cpt_paranoia,

I assumed the LED would be a multi-color LED, but even in that case there could be multiple color sections on the same LED chip and the bleu one could have failed.

I was hoping for a software fix or something else easy to do, but if the bleu LED died there are no easy options.