Lost RAID1 settings

I have a “My Book II Studio edition” set to work in RAID1 (2TB + 2TB). Last week, after a power blackout, the Hard Drive lost RAID1 settings and returned to the factory settings (RAID 0). Now the WD Drive Manager indicates “RAID0 - Healthy” but when I try to open the Disk, Windows asks to format it: “The volume does not contain a recognized file system”. How can I reset to RAID1 without format the disk (and without lose my data)?
I tried also to analyze the HD with WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic and all results OK. It seems the disks are working, but the software doesn’t recognise the RAID1 settings any more.
Also connecting to the PC the single 2 TB HD using a USB adapter I cannot open the disk.

Tanks in advance for help

Hi SEMlab,

It seems that RAID has been degraded in your My Book Studio edition II due to last power blackout. I would suggest to remove the power cable and other cable to safely disconnect or power off the device then reconnect it again and reboot. This will initializes or rebuild the degraded RAID and once complete, the LEDs will glow steadily to indicate power-on state.