Lost Photos

I have been manually copying photos from my Mac hard drive over to My Passport Essentials.  When I recently went to check the hard drive there were a year’s worth of photos missing but I am not sure how.

Is there any way to recover these files from the hard drive or establish why they might have been erased?


This is most unfortunate. In order to better assist, then a key question would be how exactly were you actually copying the pictures into your external disk unit?

I was manually copying the photos across using copy and paste from my Mac hard drive.


Did this happen after updating the system to Mac OS Mavericks? There are several reports of the update erasing files from external disk drives from different manufacturers.

No, I upgraded just after I noticed the photos were lost.

You can recover lost photos from WD my passport with some data recovery software, see this guide: WD data recovery

hope this helps.