Lost password

I use wdsharespace between my 3 computers, yesterday I reinstalled op system to one of my computers, but I can’t remember my network password to map disks  and also can’t remember admin name and password for control panel. I need help ASAP.


The only way to gain access to the drive again is with the Admin password. You can do a reset on the drive to put the Admin password back to “admin”. Then login to the drive and you can change the password on your other accounts since you forgot the password to them. I included a link below on how to reset the Admin password on the ShareSpace.

Reset ShareSpace or My Book World


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Before I do a reset on my drive, I want to make sure that the reset will not erase the data in the password protected folders also. My laptop crashed, and now that I have it running again, I want to restore the data that is backup in my personal backup directory. I can’t have it deleted if I reset the drive.

The manual only says "Pressing the recovery button while powering up the device resets the admin user

name and password to default without erasing shared folders or volumes


It doesn’t say it will not erase the password protected data/. Please confirm.

Thank you

The reset should be non-data destructive. It only reset the username/password and the drive name. Everything else should remain the same. However, it is always recommended that you have a copy of the data in a separate location just in case something happens.

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