Lost Password

I am apprentice. While set up it put me out because of limited time.
I am totally confused and can not find the pass tom reenter.
Any solution?



Resetting the unit using the physical button on the back of the unit, will reset the passwords on the unit.

Please see page 90 of the user manual.
Link to manual: http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/UM/ENG/4779-705103.pdf

It is tried several times.
Where is your customer service.
Look your competitors.

Is there any brand like that?

Forget it.


Please contact WD Support directly. This is a user to user community created by WD for the users to help each other.

WD Contact info:



Do you think there is a technical assistance service?
They diverted me to your blog

Sorry again

You can perform the “full reset” in this way.

  1. Shut down (and/or unplug power) from EX2). Pls verify before no activity on HDs.
  2. When Ex2 is still power off press the reset button and keep it pressed while you reconnect power. KEEP IT PRESSED for 40 secs from power up. After 40 secs release the reset button.
  3. Your EX2 will erase any configuration, including the password, but data on HDs are still there. Reconnect to dashboard (default setting) and perform the first config (usr/psw, etc.)

The WD support is quite “evanescent”. Like their firmware updates on EX. :wink:

Thank you for all your helps.

I don’t want to try any of these for a brand new device.

I returned it.

Seagate is the best.

Thanks all again