Lost password? How to recover my files?

Hi there,

I know this problem has occured to many of them here, and am one of them too.

I need help, i set the p-assword when i bought “myPassport” now I lost that password. And it’s not allowing me to unlock drive.

What are the chances to re-gain my files? If I erase the data then can i able to retrieve the contents thru 3rd party Data recovery software.

Please advise ?

There is no reset if you can’t remeber the password you’re out of luck.


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I second that, no password = no files

Yup! 256bit encription code is very difficult to break.

Heck with this WD, also knew that it’ll prompt for erasing data. If i selected it to erase, are there any chances to restore the data using data recovery tool ?

without knowing the original password there is no way to get any data off of it. thats what Hardware Encryption was designed for.

Thank you guys for taking time for reply to my questions.

Fortunately I could able to unlock my drive with my password. Took a while to recollect the password from my memory.

Anyways, Now I see there’s hidden 30 mb partition allocated for WD tool. How can I remove this hidden partition forever.

I don’t think you can delete it but only hide it. I think they have a download for that.