Lost partition

Hello All,

I’m sorry if this is a repeat question, but I was unable to find any info on the subject.

I had a small mishap, I accidentally deleted the main and only partition of my drive, through the WD Raid Manager.

I have: Mac OS X Lion + My Book Studio II.

It was working just fine, and I wanted to to do something completely different, lost focus and accidentally reseted the drive’s raid setting, which eventually led to a “blank” drive.

To my understanding it is not actually blank (the process only took a couple of  seconds as well).

Is there any way to recover it beside a file recovery and a deep scan?

Can I only recovery the TOC or file system?

Please help,

I have extremely valuable materials on it.


Yair Agmon

Well dude that was a serious mistake you made…

Look for a recovery software to retrieve the deleted files from the drive

You might need to contact a Recovery Company