Lost my 'MUSIC' folder off my NAS? Please help!

Hi All, i’ve been using the WD My Live Duo NAS for a year or so with no problems. Two days ago i installed a WD Live media player (no drive) with no problems. I tried o access my MUSIC file on my NAS this morning and it’s completely disappeared - does anyone have any ideas? The other files are there so it looks like it’s been deleted?

  i’ve been using the WD My Live Duo NAS for a year or so 

Are you sure you have the Duo?   The Duo has only been available for 5 months.

So did the CONNECTION to the Music share disappear, or is it still there but appears empty?

You can log in via SSH (search the forum for instructions) and look at the drive itself to see if they’re indeed gone.

Once logged in, enter the command

cd /shares/xxxxxxxx

where xxxxxxxx is the Share Name you defined when you created the share.   If it’s Public, then it’s “Public.”

At each step, enter the command


to get a file listing


cd (whatever) to enter the next directory.