Lost most of my g's!

I recently purchased a 320 gig external passport. Well it work just fine for 6 months. i have 3 laptops 2 are running windows 7 and my new one is running windows 8 . Now i’ve never had this happen before but of course how could  I ,windows 8 just came out . Right ok i’ll stop correcting myself an get to the point. Ok i had down loaded some guitar chords on my new hp off of you tube so i plug in my passport into it , and as i said earlier it was 320 gig drive . Alrite i down loaded my chords and i left it plug in cause i was going to search for more chords, but then i had a small problem so i went into restore . I just went back a few days just to correct the problem i was having. Well once i got that all taken care and got it back on track, i went and started seaching for item of intrest to me and wow all the sudden i’m out of space on my passport! And i’m like what the [deleted] I check how much space i had left . I had a total of 32 gig tops ! that is all it would hold . Now i went back and formatted it hopeing i would get all my storage space back but so much for wishful thinking. It did’nt happen. NOW DOES ANYBODY NO HOW TO GET IT BACK OR BETTER YET HAS THIS EVER HAPPENDED TO ANYBODY OUT THERE ? IF IT HAS PLEASE SHINE SOME LITE MY WAY. iT WOULD BE VERY GREATLY APPRICIATED!!             THANKS   FASTFRED10000

If you did a Windows restore with the drive still connected, it’s possible that your drive got corrupted.  Just fromatting may not work. 

Now, I’m assuming you don’t need the data, cause if you do you will need to go to data recovery first.  However, if you don’t need the data, then you can go into Disk Management, delete the current partition, recreate the partition and then format the drive.  That should restore the full use of the drive. 

If for some reason it doesn’t restore the drive, you can also download our Win DLG program, write zeros to the drive, and then create the partition and format it. 

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I’m sorry, I missed something you said.  Ending up with on 32 gigs is what happens if you try to format the drive in FAT32.  To get the full amount of drive space, you will need to format in NTFS.

[edit] And of course, you will need to delete the partition and start again.

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Bill thank you for that info. I got the program you said to download and wrote all zero’s. Now what I need to know is how do I create a partition and format it? I would appreciate some info on this subject. Thank you again!

I’m also fastfred100000 I registered again cause I misplaced my log in information.

Haha.  Okay.  This link should help you.  It gives step by step instructions on how to partition and format a drive.


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