Lost Internet connection

Hi There
Can anyone help please I have a My Cloud 2TB personel storage drive when I download from my WD Drive it kills my internet both wifi & lan connections when i stop the download the Internet comes back up this has only started in the last few weeks I have had my WD Drive for 3 years

@JIMR What about your other devices, how long have you had your modem, router, computers etc?
Have you made any changes recently? Where are you downloading to? Are you running Windows, Apple etc., and what OS and version? The more info provided the better chance of someone being able to help you.

Hi There sorry about lack of info im a bit of a novis. I have had my other devices for a couple of years My system is as follows I have a Virgin Media Hub 3 set as on Modem mode connected to a TP Link Archer VR400 used as a wireless router Mode This has been only setup about 2 months now My Pc is Windows 10 ver 1803
Thanks JimR