Lost harddrive?

I have a MyBookLive with 2 TB, with HDs in P, S and T

So far so good.

For some unknown reason I cannot see drive S when looking up the explorer.

When I try to say connect to network, I find drive S which asks me to fill in name and password. It appears that I have either noted down a wrong combination or something has been changed unvoluntarily.

There is a red cross in connection with drive S.

What do I have to do to get access again to drive S?

It must exist as I can see it on my iPAD and even open files from drive S, but not on my notebook


Hello there,

On the username, type “\the name of the drive\your username” and the password, if you do not have a password setup put the same step on the username section but leave this space blank and see if this can help you connect to the share.

I hope this helps you out.

Sorry ArMak,

either my English is not good enough or my PC knowleadge is too poor.

Can you please help and tell me where and how I have to do step by step? Thanks