Lost half of metadata

I had retrieved all the data for my movies and things seemed to be working good.  I copied another movie to the drive and when I went into view the video list about half of the movies didn’t have any metadata.  Is this usual or do I have a bad box?

  1. Ensure you have the latest firmware update (set firmware check to auto)

  2. Retry adding the Metadata: Options->Content for each movie.

What you see will vary depending on your VIEW mode (yellow button). In basic list mode you should still get a JPG thumbnail and see the title which may have been altered.

*I noticed that an earlier firmware version had a METADATA folder which is now gone. Now the two metadata files are in the same folder with the same name as the video (but different extension; one is .jpg, the other I think is .html).

My Harry Potter movies lost PART of their metadata. The name and JPG stayed but the backgrounds were missing. It actually disappeared twice and I readded it. The other movies oddly were fine.

From your PC, check the folder where you movie is & see if the metadata files are still there (if you have the 2.03.34 firmware, if you have 2.02.19 then check the “metadata” folder).  If the metadata for your files are still there, go to the HUB & select Setup / Media Library & then Clear the Media Library.  Also, make sure the Media Library is on.

Once the it gets through recompiling the library see if your info is now displayed.