Lost for words - basic stuff like copying does not work!

It’s been many years since i purchased a complete lemon, but yesterday was the day.

I have been trying to get the WD mycloud to work correctly ever since, just asking it to perform simple functions. What I found so far:

  • Copying by dragging (folder to folder, within the WD app) works perhaps 50% of the time and never when trying to copy large files.

  • Copying using copy/paste works partially, with random sub-folders missing, in a way which makes it completely unusable - should i manually check every file has been copied correctly???

  • Most of the WD apps, like the dashboard, won’t even open and connect, only the main app opens reliably.

I am stunned that a product of this quality is on sale at all. I purchased from Argos where it is excluded from the 30 day guarantee, so perhaps my question is simply “how do i get my money back?” in that case - any help/advice welcomed.



If you supply some details it might help, what os areyou running ?