Lost Folders

Hi I just purchased a live tv hub and created folders on my usb for TV shows and movies etc, I then inserted it to my live tv hub and it created the folders into the USB sync folder, i then moved them out of that folder into ‘movies’.  It was fine for a while but now when i go into ‘movies’ it says ‘no content in selected folder’ but when i filter by ‘files’ the all come up.  Why wont it view my folders?   I restored to factory settings and they appear but after the next USb sync they disappear again!

Please help! Thanks

Dude, once you sync the diles on the USB the Hub will try to remember the location of those files on the USB drive so if you move them of course the Hub won’t find then since it will be looking for those files on a different place!

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I know i must be annoying but this is all new to me…is there any other way to connect the hub to my laptop so i can put folders and files straight on instead of using a usb?  i only have telstra turbo prepaid internet

You you can, but you need a router. Once you have a router and both your computer and the Hub are connected to it you will see the Hub itself as a network share on your computer so you can add the files you want.

Thats what i thought i was just hoping there was another way.  Thanks

if you don’t want to go wireless on your network, you can also just use a router as a bridge with 2 ethernet cables.