Lost folders (200gb)

Hi there,

I have Macbook Pro 2.4 Core 2 Duo with a 1TB WD external HD formatted to FAT32.

Recently I copied roughly 132TB from my WD external to my friends WD external which was formatted on a PC (format unknown). When I connected his drive it came up with a message stating ‘Not properly unmounted from computer…’ it then asked me whether I would ‘force’ or ‘cancel’ the mounting of the drive. I forced the drive to mount on my mac.

I then proceeded to copy folers from one WD drive the other WD drive… 15 hours later it had completed the task.

A couple of days passed before I realized whilst browsing my WD HD that I had an additional 207GB of space on my drive! After browsing my TV series folders I realized there were multiple shows missing. The folders I had copied to my friends WD external had deleted the folders completely on mine! And some…

After running my WD drive through wondershare I located all the folders that were missing.

Has anyone out there seen a post of a similar problem ? And does anyone know why this happened (apart from it being bad practice to force drives)… And is it safe to compy between two differently formatted drives ??

Any advice would be appreciated ??/

Thank a million


132 terrabyte? i hope that was a typo. o0

On the other side, this could explain the long transfer time. 15 hours for 132 gigabyte would be way to much.

Maybe you have MOVED the files from on HD to the other, and wondershare (recovery tool?) have undeleted the files then !?

Another thing could be that the files got somehow a “hidden” flag on the folders while transferring from on filesystem to another and you couldn’t see them in the finder. (i dont know the mac system very well)