Lost files

I restore my computer last night and I didn’t check my hard drive till this morning. The USB plug wasn’t connected when I restore the computer  till I this morning when I checked it. Now all my files are gone. I got some back from EasyRecovery program, but the backups from Acronis I did from my computers all disappear. All the important files.

Anyone know how I can get my backup from WD back?

Your message was a little vague so I wanted to make sure that I understand it fully. When you say that you did a restore I’m guessing that you are talking about using restore CD’s or the Windows restore and not a restore using backup software like WD SmartWare or WD Anywhere Backup.

If that’s true then it sounds like the partition table on the drive may have become damaged or the system just can’t read the drive for some reason. Did you try the drive on another computer to see if it can see the data? After you did your system restore, did you run Windows Update until you had all the latest updates and Service Packs? Also, I would make sure that you have the latest drivers for your system from the computer/motherboard manufacturer. If you still cannot see the data on the drive then the only thing that you can do is continue using some type of Data Recovery software or contact a partnered data recovery company and see if they can retrieve the information.

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