Lost files after sync


When I needed transfer I always used to move my files from usb storage to my live hub (options menu)  since now.

For first time I used the sync option believing that it is the same thing just a different procedure.

Unfortunately after syncing I lost all my files!

Where do the files go after syncing?

I checked a folder that automatically created and called USB_sync but it’s empty!!

Can you please help me find my files and explain me the difference of these two procedures?

Thanks in advance!:flushed:

P.S I updated firmware 2 weeks ago!

Hello, the Sync option is supposed to only copy the files from the external USB drive to the internal Live Hub drive, as you noticed, a folder named “USB_Sync” is created that should have all of the files. Have you tried doing a power cycle (turn off/on) the WDTV? For more information check the link below. 


Ι turnt off and on the WDlive hub all night… and still there is nothing in the usb_sync folder!

Where did my files go???

If you cannot access your files from the USB hard drive or the WDTV hub, it is possible that the data is corrupted. To be sure, try scanning the USB hard drive using a data recovery program, using Google you should be able to find several options, also see if the following link helps. Let me know how it goes. 


Are you saying that the files are no longer on your USB disk?   Or that you cannot find them on the internal Hub drive?

Νο… Ι mean that the files are nowhere in the media players storage… NOWHERE …

The usb contains the files but it seems that after syncing procedure they havent been transferred into the media library…