Lost files after Permissions Problem in Windows 10 - Drive Reliable?

I use an external WD Elements 2 TB USB 3.0 drive for my photography. I have the images and Adobe Lightroom Catalogs on the external drive. After 2 months in Florida, and probably 1,000+ images I flew home and when I tried to plug the drive into my bigger home laptop, I got the Access Denied error. I figured out it was the permissions and restored that and got it working. But all my photos from the trip were gone.

Now, being the canny computer user I am (got my first Radio Shack Model 1 in 1980) I have a backup drive. And the original images on the camera SD cards. But I was worried my Lightroom catalog with all the editing changes was gone. Luckily it wasn’t. I eventually restored the backed up photos and any that were only on the SDs.

My problem now is, do I trust this drive? Somehow these files were lost. I ran CHKDSK /F in Windows 10 and there were some back files or sectors. It went by too fast to be sure. I ran the WD test software, extended test, and it doesn’t show anything wrong with the drive. I’m not showing any errors on the drive now, with any of the software I’ve tested it with.

I could relegate it to a backup and either go with a new My Passport drive (I’ve had a number of these and no problems) or maybe an external SSD drive. Or a USB 3.1/Thunderbolt drive.

Hello Mark_Photo,

As the drive has passed, so the issue might be caused due to the permissions and switching to a different OS environment. I would suggest you use the drive in the same platform or compatible file system format to use in both OS environment such as exFAT for Windows & Mac both.

I went from my travel computer back to my home computer. Both Windows 10, though not the same build. The drive was originally used on the home one. When I restored the permissions, I should have got the files back. That’s what is puzzling.