Lost drive, need help

I have a 2TB my book external hard drive that I have placed about 400 gb of movies on. I use it with my wdtvlive. I am also not exactly a computer expert, so hopefully someone here can point me to an easy solution.

I was in the process of transferring some files from desktop running windows 7 to the drive. It was a large folder about 55gb. I went to sleep. Woke up and the transfer was frozen. Hit cancel on the window box, and the computer froze up. restarted everything, and since then, the drive is not showing up on anything. When I look in the “open devices and printers” window, the icon shows up, and in properties it says working properly for everything, and drivers all current. However, it says 0mb. When I look at the disk management, it show as “disk 3”, but has nothing. When I click initialize it says there is “an I/O error” and cannot be initialized.

I have been messing with this for a couple of days. I attempted to download a recovery program, but I keep getting “no valid partition”.

In the smartware program for mybook, there is a box for the drive with no information, and it will not let me do anything with it. I have looked at all the obvious things, tried another usb3 cable etc. and am the end of my abilities. Have I lost everything? What can I do? Please help

You can try writing zeros with DLG, if that doesn’t work, replace it. 


You will need to use The GET DATA BACK to try and recover your files because you may have a problem with the partition.

If the GET DATA BACK doesn’t work you may have loste every file.

Try this and let’s see if someone has a better solution.