Lost data warning

This is just a warning to all My Cloud users. I purchased 2 x 4tb My Cloud drives to store my music, family videos, photos and documents. 1 drive was for use as the main storage and the other to back up the first. They were both running 24/7 in my garage next to my network switch, out of sight.
A couple of days ago i noticed that my main drive was malfunctioning so I put a diagnostic test on it. The test did not complete so I did a reboot. The drive completely failed and there was no access at all.
So I thought all was well as I had the backup drive. This was not so, as the backup drive had failed at some time earlier unbeknown to me. So after thinking that I was belt and braces on my valuable family archive of memories I am heartbroken to have lost it all.
The My Cloud drives were not old but both out of warranty.
I have placed my main drive in a data recovery specialist in the hope that they can recover my data. This is just a warning for others to keep an eye on your drives.


Automatic backups are great. But you need to monitor them, and make sure they are working.

A good automatic backup tool will have the ability to report when it completes, but, perhaps more importantly, when it doesn’t complete. Silent failures are the worst.