Lost data on my NAS

Dear all,

I have a small crises…I have a Western Digital NAS, WD-NetCenter, about 6-7 years old. I can not access my shared folders. I have for a couple of days now had issues with connection to my NAS. Got often disconnected or had issue establish connection…and today the shared drive/folders disapeared:(

I can get access to the setup management page, however under system status my shared folders are not visible and it is saying that the harddisk is empty.

What can I do???

Have some of you experienced similar issues? Can you recover the data? The model number is  WD5000B019.

Please help:(

There are ways to recover the data

in order to do so you’ll need to remove the drive from the enclosure and use a ext3 bootable CD

this is only to be tried as a last resource

I don’t know about the wisdom of telling end users to open the enclosure, especially when it is not an easy thing to do.