Lost Data but strange question

Hi, guys new to the board but thought you all could lend some help.  I have a MyBook 1T external drive. The other day it had a message about fail of transfer and data could have been lost. I was going though my drive the next day and found a lot of my mp3 files in one folder were missing. I was kinda mad because it took a long time to obtain them all and save them. The files are not visible in the folder at all.

 The strange thing is - and this is my question - when I drag files with the same name, even though there are no visible files in the folder, it gives that message about would you like to replace this file with the existing one.  Does this mean that my files are still there and if so Is there anyway to get them back?

Thanks a ton for any thing you all can offer!!!


Try going into Folder Options and check show hidden files and see it that helps. I use copy to instead if drag and drop. I normally copy a file to one drive before removing it from source drive.



Nope tried that and didnt show any  files. But thanks for the tip!