Lost Dashboard after Installing New Release Firmware version: 02.11.09-053

Since installing this firmware an hour ago, I have been unable to access the Dashboard. Last message seen during install of this release was that it had been installed successfully!  Drive still can be accessed by PCs, smart phone and tablets. Without access to webpage for dashboard though I can not create new shares etc.

Symptom: when I attempt to go to Dashboard page it momentarily flickers, then browser says “A problem with this webpage caused Internet Explorer to close and reopen the tab.”   No luck with other browsers either (Chrome, Sarfari, Firefox)

Need help resolving this issue…thanks.

Problem solved!  WD Tech Support suggested that I update JAVA to version 7 and all is good!   Thanks Tech Support.

This solution (upgrading JAVA to version 7) also solved this same problem for me with firmware version: 02.32.05-046