Lost Connection

I have a My Cloud EX2 Ultra. About once every two weeks the connection gets lost. That means, to re-start, I have to unplug and then replug and wait about one minute to be able to write to the disc.As long as I’m at home, it’s not good but I can fix the problem.
But when I’m out, there is no way to access the data.
WD support suggest that I kill the sleep modus. Is that a valuable solution? What for is the standby modus? What happens when I turn it on.

Hi ente,

There is a Drive Sleep available which put drive in sleep mode after some time of activity and Schedule Power saving Mode . If the drive sleep time is same every time in a week then you should check the Schedule Power Saving Mode to check for device activity time.
However, if all work then you should try to check after the 4 second reset of My Cloud device in this concern.