Lost connection... LOST FILES!

I have had a Seagate Go Flex Drive connected to my WD Live Hub for over 6 months now with no problem.  In the past week, however, I have not been able to reliably save files:

(1) I upload files directly to the external drive.

(2) I add album art, etc (if a movie)or simply create a folder and save the files to their final location.

(3) Go to bed, thinking everything is OK.

(4) wake up in the morning and:

  (a) get the infernal “your external storage has been disconnected - please re-connect”; and

  (b) once I re-connect, my files are GONE!!!

(5) usually it’s the most recent file save or transfer.  The only thing that has *kind of * saved me is that every once in a while, the prompt to “sync and transfer” comes up, and I click OK.  That has allowed me to not lose everything in the past week, but I don’t know how to trigger to sync utility automatically.

The big problem is that the files are NOT saving.  It appears that the drive goes into sleep mode or something, which was never a problem before, but now it seems like once the external drive sleeps, it won’t save anymore.  I have noticed a lot of “found.000”, “found.001”, etc. folders that have *some* of the missing files, but in the folders/file names in which I first uploaded them,  not the final location. 

I have tried copying the files from the “usb_sync” folder on the Live Hub back onto the external drive, but they revert/are lost as soon as the drive sleeps (I’m assuming that’s when this trouble starts).

Anyone else have this issue?  The Flex Drive is a pretty popular accessory so I’d be shocked if I’m the only one who’s hooked it up to the Live Hub (which I LOVE even more now that I sync - would have lost a lot more than I have otherwise).

Please chime in… I am leery of adding more stuff without a solution to the problem.

Looks that either your external drive has a loose connection or the drive just goes to sleep after certain periods of time.

Use this tool from Seagate and set the sleep timer such a way that it does not go to sleep and try to reproduce the problem.


Hope this helps


Turns out it was a simple solution… hard drive was failing.  I was lucky to sync all my media onto the hub before it failed completely.  Seagate send a replacement (that never even spun up at all) so add this to the list of reasons why I LOVE THE HUB!