Lost all sound on WD TV

The player has been chugging along fine for weeks, until yesterday when I played Rango for my son it had no audio. I checked other files (mkv, iso, avi, mp3) and none would output audio? Any ideas?

Maybe pushed the audio “Mute” button at the remote accidentally ??

Tried that already

How are you connecting your unit to the TV etc.

Have you tried the AV output?

Have you tried another device on the same input to see if its a problem with your TV.

If you are using HDMI have you tried using another input on your TV.

As a last resort you could reset via the internal menu

Connection VIA HDMI which is my only option. I swapped ports and my BluRay streamed fine with sound, but I haven’t tried to swap the cables yet. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try the reset in the menus.

Thanks for the response.

Has same problem, but a device reset (systems menu) seems to have done the trick.