Lost all Family pictures on Sharespace 4TB RAID5, PLEASE HELP!

Had power issues yesterday. Now the power has been restored I have turned the NAS on to find that I have the Datavolume doesn’t exist error. The drives were all green so I was going to try and use the guide on the forum to recover but first I upgraded the firmware, now all the drives are orange?

Please can someone help me? I’m quite upset as all our family pictures for the past 10+ years are on there.

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Well, after reading through this forum, it seems as if RAID-5 is really touchy and not very reliable on the ShareSpace. So I would actually ask the moderators to create a sticky topic on data recovery from crashed RAID-5 array.

I assume there must be a software tool that can be used to recover the data of a crashed sharespace raid-5 array, right?

Many users have access to a “regular” PC and could hook up the 4 drives to it, boot it from a DVD and operate a data recovery tool.

So please provide the software tools (may be the image of a self-bootable DVD with linux and the software tool) as well as detailed instructions.

This would enable your users to help themselves so they don’t have to contact your support which - in return - would lower your support cost. So providing this software and information would be a win-win.

Thank you



I have created a request to WD in the “ideas” forum:


May be if you all vote for it (and extend it with your wishes), WD will reconsider and provide some tools that can help?