Lost activation codes on WD My Book standalone drives

I have 3 My Book drives that need activation codes. They were bought several years ago and all packing has since been lost/destroyed. The only information I have is on the panel at the rear of each drive showing the S/N and WD P/N numbers. Neither are in the format xxx-xxx-xxx that I’m told they should be. I can’t recall if they were registered in the first place.

Any help would be appreciated.


What’s the model number of these drives? You’re calling them a “My Book,” and those don’t have any form of activation code. Those are just ordinary vanilla USB external drives.


The only numbers I have are on the drives:
S/N: WCC300882807

P/N: WD5000H1U-00
S/N: WCAS2943824

S/N: WCAV5NT755992T

Does this help? The background is that I want to give a friend on of the drives and when I installed Smartstore it requested an activation code hence my questions. The tabs “back up” and “retrieve” were also greyed out These are black book shaped drives - I can email photos if this would help. Apologies but clearly I’m not very technical.


#1 is a My Book Essentials 2TB drive.
#2 is a My Book Essentials 500GB drive.
#3 is a My Book Essentials 1TB drive.

I assume when you say you installed Smartstore, you actually mean Smartware Pro? (Because I’ve not heard of any software called Smartstore).

If so, yeah, you’d need an activation code. But Smartware Pro isn’t a supported software product anymore, but WD continues to support the Smartware (non-Pro) software, which you can download here:

Yes, they are the drives and I meant Smartware. Ive downloaded the non-pro version so thanks for your help.