Lost Access to Shares after Twonky Update

Thanks for continuing support Bennor :smiley:

Well, I can confirm I’m using a Home Network and all Network discovery settings are turned ON.

It is just the NAS which is invisible to my laptop. If you look back to post 15, see the upper picture (Network2.jpg) you can observe that Jerry-LT2 can see Hilary-LT (when it is online).

I have re-installed the NAS firmware, in case there was any corruption to that. No effect.

Final proof: I found I have my MyCloud.com login and it says I’m already set up with a WDMyCloud but when it tries to connect, it cannot find the NAS.

Must be a Windows fault I recon so I think this thread is finished.

Contrary to finishing this thread, I might have found the solution here:

… leading to this:

Now I need some more help please.

Looking to the Advanced Settings dialogue box shown in the second link shows the solution is to move “Microsoft Windows Network” to the top of the providers list. However, when I look at my Advanced Settings dialogue box for Provider Order, I do not have an entry for “Microsoft Windows Network” to move.

So the question is - how do I enter this???
Now, I’m very wary about messing with RegEdit but I did have a look following the path shown and my Provider Order entry is just : RDPNP,webclient

Can I just type an entry followed by comma, before RDPNP?
and should this entry be LanmanWorkstation ??

Further advice appreciated, thanks.

EDIT Looking down the responses to the post in the second link tells me/us what to do. :grinning:

I will do this tomorrow and report back. :smiley:

NOPE!! That did not work either. :confounded:

I added LanmanWorkstation to the Provider Order in the Registry and it added Microsoft Windows Network to the Providers List in the Advanced Settings Dialogue box but to no avail.

HOWEVER!! :slight_smile:
Looking at the Adaptors and Bindings tab of the Adaptors and Settings dialogue box showed me that I did not have a Client for Microsoft Networks installed - only the File and Printer Sharing binding.
So, a quick Google showed me the way to add this Client and after a restart BINGO I have access to my NAS back again. YEA :grinning: