Lost access to Dashboard


Attempted Expand Capacity on my RAID and during the process I lost connection to the Dashboard.
The page just spins and never loads.

I can access data via File Explorer and data is there an accessible.

Also found that PLEX still works, but MyCloud access does not.

Hi offroadace,

You may follow the steps provided in below article in this concern:

Thanks. That works,…but.

I am currently in Expand mode and,…

  1. there seems to be no way to STOP this operation. Any drive I put in for step 2 just fails and goes into Expand mode on the system.
  2. The interface, after 40 sec reboot allows access until I put a drive in the bay to expand and then fails to expand/sync to RAID5 and then the interface goes into non-connect mode.

This is the most inconsistent and undocumented method of expanding the system.

WHY is there no fully documented method of Expanding the NAS for WD? This is literally ridiculous as to un-documented identified procedures anywhere with any software I have seen. HORRIBLE!!

Thinking that WD systems are not the way to go an investigating other options for a NAS as this is limiting and undocumented. Any optional and operational steps should be fully documented and identified in accessible documentation, which is NOT the case with WD.

Very disappointing.