Lost a shared folder

Got the WDMB WEii only a couple of days ago and I am beginning to wonder if I made the wrong decision. First of all I have relaised I cannot get it to work with my squeezebox and now I have copied loads of photo files into the Public shared photo folder. Gone back to the PC tonight and the folder is nowhere to be found. Can anyone help?


I don’t know why you could have lost it, but you can enable ssh access via webinterface, log in to shell (with putty or any other similar program) using root account with default passwords and then just

cd /shares/Public/Shared\ Pictures/



And you should see your picture listing.

The folder reappeared after I rebooted the WDMB but without the photos? Luckily I have not yet deleted from the original source on PC HD. Very nervous about storing on this now. Am I doing something wrong?