Lost 850Gb of irreplaceable data

After taking the time to fill out a Costumer Satisfaction Survey, I think it’s appropriate to share this with the rest of the Mac community.

I recently bought a 1.5Tb Elements desktop which failed in less than a week, resulting in the loss of over 850 GB of irreplaceable data.

It started with code -36 and -43 errors and escalated to a point where the drive and the data was irrecoverable, time I took it back to the store.

In the meanwhile I contacted WD Support by email to see if they could help me solve my problem as online documentation didn’t mention anything similar to my issues. Although support was everything you can humanly wish for, technically it was not. Sadly representatives merely repeat and follow pre-formatted scripts, and when these don’t match your issues, it casts a very bad image on the company.  I must say that I totally understand and I’m sympathetic to  the bad spot where they are, they’re just enforcing the practices and policies of a company who made them nothing more than glorified “copy-pasters”.

Bellow you’ll find the closing comments I left on the survey, which hopefully might help someone else.

Due to the poor quality and malfunction of your product, I lost > 850GB of irreplaceable information.

After being a loyal costumer for years, I was surprised to see what the company became. 

I find unbelievable that the reason why you don’t state things like cache or RPMs in the product box, pages and documents, it’s because you “assemble it from the available components at the time, which aren’t always the same” (as said by one of your representatives in your forum) and therefore one box might contain a 5400rpm and the one next to it a 7200rpm disk. These are the standards of a manufacturer operating from a bathroom in Taiwan, not a company like WD!

I have returned the disk and I highly doubt that it would be possible to buy or recommend WD products again.