Loss screen resolution to 720p

Hi,  I have saved screen resolution to fullhd 1080p and when I turn off and I turn on the player so it will lose screen resolution. Can you please help me? I have Samsung LED TV UE40D6000 (HDMI).

Press the reset button and check if you have the latest firmware update, if you have the latest firmware, try doing a roll back.


The problem of not remembering the video settings has been going on for over a year now. When using HDMI, the WD box is supposed to communicate with the TV to determine how to set the video output. However, some TVs are not compatible and the auto-negotiation does not work. I have a Panasonic Plasma TV and am using HDMI. Almost every time that I turn the WD box off and on, I have to go into the WD setup menu and set the video output frequency/resolution and color space all over again.

There have been many threads posted about the WD box not remembering the video settings. Hopefully, WD will fix the problem in the next firmware release.