Loss of connetivity My Book Live 3tb

Been reading the messages and I do nto seem to find a solution. I have assigned MBL its own IP via the 2wire router ATT provides, changed router ports, changed Rj45 lines, connected it directly to my MAC Pro and it sill disconnects. If I turn it off for awhile and reconnect it it will show up on the network after a few minutes it disconnects and can not be seen my computer or router…

What’s the color of the LED when it doesn’t appear in your network?

starts out at blue then goes to green. then blinking green when it disconnects. I am at a loss and can’t figure it out… I even purchased a Ethernet to USB adapter and it did not work. If I turn it off for a few hours, it will work for 5 to 10 minutes. The nic lights are working as well. SO bad Nic?