Loss of center channel when watching movies?

Live owners…any of you experience loss of the center channel when watching movies in DTS or DD5.1? I run .mkv files on my Live and every once in a while I’ll lose the center channel sound. I tried different optical cables and even switched optical inputs on my reciever but still lose it here and there. I have no problems with my Xbox360 hooked up with optical watching movies/trailers through there.I have to switch to plain old “stereo” to then hear the speaking parts of the movie. I’ve sent it in for RMA so hopefully the new one they send wont have any issues.

It’s unlikely a hardware problem would cause that to happen.  Possible, but unlikely.

It’s most likely an error in the coding of the audio track or the file in general…

A misconfiguration of the audio receiver

A firmware problem (but lots of people would report that, and they haven’t…)

Yeah, I guess it could be any number of things…guess its process of elimination. If my unit is still under warranty and they allow RMA exchanges…then why not. The worst thing that can happen is it still does it and then I’d have to narrow it down to possibly my AVR also.

This is the exact same thing that is happening with my WDTV Live!

Very annoying - I have checked all possible component (HT system / cables). As you have done, I have to revert the settings back to ‘stereo’ to be able to hear the people on screen speak :frowning:

The files are not only mkv container files, but also avi. I believe they are, as you have said either DTS or 5.1 channel audio files.

The very same files work perfectly on on the xbox and pc… it only seems to be a new thing (past week)… :frowning:


Well my new unit was delivered today…i’ll watch something when I get home tonight but it was an intermittent problem. I could watch 3 movies in a row and nothing would happen…and then BAM…one movie it would constantly happen too. I would rewind to see if it happens in a particular spot but that wasn’t the case…it was just random.

Happened a few times watching The Sorcerer’s Apprentice the other night…I’ll pop that in to see.