Loss comunication wiht my book live, ip is bad

Could you tell me please as I solve the problem.

This happened after trying to update the system software, after that the drive stopped working and get a message that the device does not have valid ip.

check the IP addresses in your router. Make sure all addresses are unique. Make sure your mycloud has a unique, unsued IP address. It is either a conflict or  the device defaulted to something else or a mystery :slight_smile:


1.-In this ocasion I try to power on my device and the light change blue to red.

2.-Can you tellme hoy check the IP in my router?

It depends on yoru router. Connect to your router (usually,, check your user guide), what is your router model? go their website and download the user guide and make sure it has latest firmware. Make sure the network from mycloud to router is good (try another cable).

what is your router model?

Try to reset the device (see guide http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/UM/ENG/4779-705103.pdf )

if red light is still on after reset or change of cable, make sure it is nto overheating, otherwise contact support.