Losing "viewed" tag on Samba shares

I’m afraid I don’t know the correct terminology, which I presume is what is preventing me from finding a solution in the archives.

When I watch a video stored on the WHTVLiveHub, it will mark the item as viewed. Even after turning it off and on, the item is still marked as viewed.

However, if I watch a video on a Windows (samba) share it will show the item as viewed, but not after turning the Hub off. At that point, the video is no longer marked as “viewed”.

So, is this a Samba share “feature” (ouch!) or some setting or ?? I know that the device has write permission to the share and all the permissions are correct on the share.

Thanks for your suggestions!

That feature will only work if the share is part of the Media Library, and the Media Library is your content source (red button.)

Thanks! That was the solution! Took awhile to find the place to add the samba share to the media library, but it is done now!