Losing Power to Unit After 20/30mins During Avi Playback

Ive noticed that a few times when i plug in USB stick to the front (USB1) and this happened with various USB Sticks, that the device would auto reboot after about 20mins. It just does a cold reboot, and you cant resume from where it stopped. Latest Firmware, also did hard reset , factory restore and i have still seen this happen time and time again. USB 2(back slot) no issues at all.

Guys i was watching a movie through network and its doing the same thing, after 20/30mins the box just reboots, you think it could be a problem with the power supply ? Strange though cause ive watched MKVs before and not had this issue, but its popping up now when im using AVI.

anyone had any similar problems ?

Might RMA the unit

Im going to try my older WDTV live unit plug with this as a test to see if same thing happens.

One of my previous Live Plus boxes did exactly this from overheating.   I was able to prove it by duct taping a hair dryer to a camera tripod about 20 inches away and directing the airflow to the unit.   Like clockwork, at the five minute mark from cold the unit would reboot over and over again.  I then sat the unit on top of a large frozen cooler pack sitting in a baking tray and the unit would run all night.   If you don’t have a hair dryer, wrap the init in a plastic bag to contain the heat.

It better not be overheating lol… i shall do those tests today, if proves it is, ill take it back to retail shop for a swap

Don’t forget that there is a sticker on the plastic bag it comes in that warns of high temps and not to put a HDD on top of it.  The sticker claims 5 to 35 degrees C but I’ve measured mine at 42 degrees C on the top after a couple of hours use.

Don’t forget part two… that as the unit heats up, connection points on the circuit board expand and one poor solder joint is all it takes…

yeah your right, this unit is overheating :frowning:

ill take it back to shop 2moz and get a refund, i think ill continue to use my WDTV live unit until things can be ironed out on the new streamer ,aka firmware (png) issue and other bugs, you know as sad as it is, i told mself dont buy anymore WD products after there issues with all firmwares, but noooooooooooo what do i do lol …

anyway thanks ofcourse for feedback and advice.