Losing power on HDD

Ok not sure if this is my external HD’s issue, a general power issue, or my spankin new WD Streaming Box.  I just got the box today (it replaced my 2nd wdtv live plus I had just bought and now returned) and when watching anything, at random times, the hard drive shuts off. 

The HD is a WD My Book Essentials 1.5TB which is no more than a month old.  I’ve owned a WDTV Live Plus for well over a year with the same drive (1TB version) with no such issues.  The area where the new box and HD are set up is a newer area that has a 50in plasma, 1000w surround, cable box, and my two WD items on a Monster power strip.  I hope its a general power issue, which I’ll have to be creative cause it aint my house.  Any ideas or thoughts?

Did you disable the sleep timer on the MBE itself? o.o

No, I’ve never disabled it and I have a MBE with my Live Plus for over a year without an issue.  I’ll give it a try with the Live Streaming and see what happens.  Thanks for the suggestion, never would have throught of that.

You might also consider testing it with an extension cord- plug the extension cord into somewhere in a different part of the house (ideally on a different circuit) and see if the issue occurs. If it does you can rule out (for the most part) it being an issue with the power itself. That narrows down the issue to the external, or the wd tv.

Try using it with your older WD TV and see if the issue occurs - its possible something got damaged in the drive itself at some point, espeically if you’ve been moving it around.