Losing Power Loses Backup

Almost every time I lose power, whether it flickers or is out for awhile WD Backup always loses my backup as well.

I have a 1.5T Mybook and am running WD Anywhere Backup. How are are you supposed to get it to reconnect to its backup? I try reinstate backup but when I navigate there it says it can’t find one.

Version 4.50.6554

My drive now has half a dozen backup folders with backups because it can not reconnect. If anyone can help me figure out how to get it to reconnect it would be great.

What is the point of having backup software if it can’t reconnect to its backup when something happens? Isn’t that the whole purpose of this constant backup?

So is there no solutiuon to this? If oyu lose power and WD can not recognize the backup it has been using you have to start all over? That is not a very good way for backup software to work.

So can anyone suggest a better software to use for continuous backup?


You are correct, however if the drive loose power during any backup process it will damage the file. Just like a computer when you are transferring a file if you loose the power the file will be corrupt. 

You need to connect the drive to a UPS to avoid loosing power, also loosing power on a regular basis could affect the internal hard drive.