Losing network connection


Hi All,

First post here…

Bought my WD live hub few days ago and YES its a great player…but but im too losing connection while transfering files from my windows7 pc thru lan network.

I ave done lost of testing and im pretty sure that the live hub is causing the issue…

Whenever i dissconnect him from the network i have no problems but when hes on my network goes down (and up) every few minutes causing losing of transfers to the internal HDD.

My setup is wrt160NL router, going to sitecom switch and there i have humax, dreambox, pc and  wd live hub attached. direct on the router is my laptop windows 7…

Tried other cables with and without switch, all devices seperate and all work untill i plugin the live hub…

Is WD aware of many people have problems?




Did you were able to fix this situation?


unfortunately not…but when i connect my laptop thru wifi i keep my internet connection ofcourse are my transfer rates then horrible as is my download speed…


I have a similar problem: any time I activate the Network sync with share folder on a Vista PC (150GB), the network on my PC disconnects after few minutes. The results is I cannot use the synconization feature. I have tried both wireless and Ethernet cabled.

BTW I have no problems at all copying file through the network, only activating the sync the problem raises…



If your PC disconnects from the net, then the issue is with your PC.


No doubt the issue is with my PC.

Unfortunately my PC works perfectly any time except when I am using WD TV live Hub syncronization. If I switch off it, the PC works again…

Maybe someone had the same problem and can help…