Losing my source

After I clear the media library and start from scratch everything works but only for a little while I have 2 problems first I will explain how my system is setup. I haver a NAS and connected to it I have 8 1TB hard drives inside those hard drives all movies are on the root no folder just movie iso then coverart jpg and movie xml.

  1. As The media is compiling if I go into the movies it asks me to wait or go to folder viw if I choose wait after it compiles I have all functions of the media library. If I exit in the same session and go back to my movies it goes to folder view until I rescan and enter while it is scanning. If I wait for it to completely rescan before I enter it will be in folder view.

  2. If the hub sets (not using it) and it does stay powered on more than likely it will say no media in folder when I try and go to my movies when I check the status in the  media library manager under my NAS it says removing and I cannot do a rescan nor can I delete it unless I press x (not sure if this has an effect or not) cause it does nothing at the time and then I clear media library and then do a reboot then I have to go back in choose what source and at that time it compiles and I have everything as stated above. This happens very frequently at least everyday and sometimes more than that

Not sure about #1, but #2 sounds like it lost the network connection to the NAS. 

I had that same symptom happen when my daughter inadvertently powered off the UPS that hosts one of my NAS boxes.

Pretty sure It is not powering down however could it be That its going into a sleep mode and if so I have no Idea how to correct it. Plus a couple of times it said something about a read only file but if I back out and go back in it is fine when that happens. It is a netgear Stora any ideas

I have no idea about a netgear Storage device, But if you have enabled Read/Wite Access to your NAS and using WDTV Live HUB with Media Library ON (Which means WDTV is writing on the NAS Filesystem) you may want to disable the power save features on the NAS, If WDTV or NAS goes to Sleep overnight, and if any one of the device was rebooted without letting the other know, you will have data corruption depending on what either one was attempting last.

Good Practice is to keep NAS Drive ON at all times and the other good practice is to keep way from Media Library function of WDTV as far as possible. I personally do not use Media Library function as it tends to be a resource hog.

If you keep all your files well organised on the NAS, in their respective folders, there is really no need for Media Library. 

Granted, you will loose sorting and some Metadata information, but you will at least not loose data :wink: if any one of the devices die on you.


I let my QNAPs idle down after 30 minutes.

It takes them about 30 seconds to spin back up after that, and I can tell when the WDTV is waiting for it to come online…

So far I’ve not seen any negative effects from that…