Loses network connection and requires reboot when transferring files

I get into the device through a Network Location in My Computer and I have to try several times to send a file over because I always lose my network connection and have to reboot the device. The WD is connected using a USB WiFi adapter and even when transferring a file that is only a couple hundred MB the WD loses the network connection and the PC can no longer connect to it. I have to unplug the power and reconnect to get it to connect to the network again.

Anyone seen this problem and/or have a fix? I was prompted to update my firmware last week, but that did not help.

If you have ANY other wireless devices, this includes some cordless phones, a mouse/keyboard, speakers…etc. Turn it ALL off then try a file copy. Sounds like radio frequency interference to me. I had a set of wireless rear surround speakers giving me a fit until I placed my router on a different wifi channel. So if everything is OFF and your file transfer is a success you might try turning the stuff back on one device at a time and see which one might be the culpret. Maybe you can change the channel the offending device uses. If not, start trying different channels on your router.

Is your wireless adapter one on the list of recommended adapters?

Where is there a list of recommended adapters?

Yes, I am using a recommended adapter.

TP Link, TL-WN821N

So I’m pretty sure it’s the Live Hub.   I bought a different adapter that is also on the approved list and the Hub doesn’t even detect it.  I also unplugged my cordless phones and tried again with the old adapter.  Checked the Hub again after a transfer crashed and the Hub is dead.  It’s on the home screen, but doesn’t accept any input from the remote.