Lose Wireless Connection When Transferring Data To Mycloud

I have a WD My Cloud EX2 NAS connected to a AT&T Uverse Motorola NVG589. I also have a Synology Router (RT1900ac) setup as a wireless access point for all devices in the house. Wireless is disabled on the Motorola. Windows 10 PC using an ALFA AWUS036ac network adapter. I transferred all the data from the NAS to a 6TB Western Digital hard drive on my desktop without many issues, reformatted the 2 4TB hard drives in the NAS to act as one large drive, and now I’m trying to transfer the data back but every time I try it transfers a few MBs then the connection fails and I get kicked off my home network. I try to run a diagnostic as admin and it tells me one or more protocols are missing on this computer. I have to unplug the network adapter and plug it back in to get it to connect again. What gives?

That error message (One or more protocols are missing on this computer) is a known Windows 10 issue, which is triggered when the computer’s internal networking protocols are changed in the registry due to a system error. It results in a dropped network connection.

I’d recommend contacting Microsoft about this. However, if you are an advanced user you can browse online about that particular error message for several different solutions (At your own risk) using the System Command Prompt (And if you get an “Access denied” error while trying said commands, you’ll have to jump into the Windows Registry to resolve it).