Lose My MBL Connection When I Connect To VPN

I just got an MBL for my home use and have copied most of my music, etc. over to it.

Today, I discovered one issue with trying to serve all of my media files (specifically my music) from that MBL: When I connect to my office through VPN (using Cisco AnyConnect), I lose my connection to my MBL.

Is anyone aware of any way to set things up so that I won’t lose my connection to my MBL when connecting?

You’ll have to check with your corporate IT department.

It sounds as if their policy for AnyConnect is disallowing “Split Tunneling.”

Turning off Split Tunneling means that *ONLY* your corporate network will be visible to the VPN client when the VPN tunnel is up – everything on your local network will be inaccessible.

Thanks. I’ll send this thread to our IT people and see if they can come up with a solution. I’ll report back once I get a response.

I checked with our IT department. Unfortunately, the regulations that govern my employer do not allow split tunneling to be turned on.

Are there other suggestions? Would it be possible to potentially write some sort of shell script that automatically executes when I connect to VPN, that would unmap the drive on my local network and map it through the WebDAV connection of WD2Go.com? If so, do you have suggestions on how that shell script would be written?